Raccoon Removal
Chicago, Illinois
And Surrounding Areas

Raccoon Damage - Chicago, Illinois

Raccoon damage can be extensive in the Chicago, Illinois areas.  That is why people turn to us for all their raccoon repairs and restoration needs.  Raccoons that nest and breed inside home cavities such as attics and crawl spaces, can leave behind structural damage, soiled insulation, chewed electrical, and much more.  We have over 25 years of experience in restoring these areas of residential and commercial properties back to their original condition.  We have worked side by side with many of the popular Home Owner’s Insurance Companies in Chicago, and have made our services compatible with their policies.  So don’t worry if your crawl space needs restoring, or if insulation removal scares you.  We can handle everything from raccoon removal to raccoon clean-up for you, and provide fast,courteous and reliable raccoon damage restoration in Chicago, Illinois.
Raccoon Damage Restoration in Attics:
  • We remove the raccoon or raccoons from the Attic or Crawl Space.
  • We inspect the damage and provide a free estimate.
  • We coordinate a work and payment plan with your insurance company.
  • We vacuum all animal droppings, nesting material and other debris, and dispose of it according to EPA standards.
  • We sanitize the entire area to eliminate odor, and invisible germs and parasites.
  • We remove and replace insulation that has been soiled and chewed.