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Raccoon Removal - Hoffman Estates, IL

Raccoon removal provided in Hoffman Estates, IL.  We are a locally owned and operated raccoon control company that has been in the industry for 25 years.  We are DNR licensed and insured, as well as certified by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association.  Our rates are affordable and our customer service is unmatchable.  We practice safe and humane capture methods that are healthy for the environment.  Call us for home inspections, attic restorations and repairs, raccoon cleanup, raccoon in the attic, odor removal, and any other type of raccoon removal service you need.  To learn more about raccoon removal in Hoffman Estates, IL, call us at 773-913-0011 today.

Raccoon Trapping – Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Raccoon trapping in Hoffman Estates, Illinois is dangerous, and should only be performed by a professional and licensed raccoon removal company like us.  We have been in business for 25 years, protecting homes and properties from raccoon damage all over Illinois.  We have been licensed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and have certifications from other Associations for our exemplary work.  Call us at 773-913-0011 for information regarding raccoon trapping in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.
Raccoon Removal Hoffman Estates, IL